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My First Post

To be honest, there is a severe lack of substance to this post, but reading it will give you a little insight on my motivation behind this blog and my business. I got the above picture from Imgur HERE.

Blog Post #1


Randy Legair

So who isn't blogging?

Super moms, tech junkies, fitness gurus, and celebs alike are all putting their thoughts on public record, often with little regard to factual information/data. Some folks do it right, but the barrier of entry is so low, there's nothing stopping malestroms of alternative facts from crowding your timelines. There is virtually no decorum when it comes to what you can and cannot broadcast on the 'interwebs'. I don't believe a third of the things that I read on the internet for just that reason.

Like, literally ANYONE can buy webspace on sites like go daddy or Squarespace and spew/rant/exhort their stance with no trace of validity. Scores of casual internet users are lead to believe information that has absolutely no factual substructure. Celeb 'secrets', tech-spec leaks, location and general direction of US Navy vessels, etc, the list goes on. I used to ask myself "how do these fucking trolls sleep at night?". Well, I've found that the answer is 'comfortably', in modest homes with no day jobs.

Prime example: Dude from

Dude is a hot headed loaf that repeatedly loses his cool over exiguous details of 'front page' political happenings. is his platform, from which he beguiles the most credulous of web surfers.

BUT MORE POWER TO HIM! The Internet is about sharing ideas! Life is about sharing ideas! That's a whole different conversation about dissenting opinions though.

I am not writing to combat this slurry of 'speculative' journalism. It is simply not my place to speak on what is credible. Our President has established a clear 'line' with his #fakenews OP (within the first 100 days). RT, that might read with some subliminal sarcasm, but the Twitter-verse has had major news networks on skates ever since he uttered the phrase. Which, for some, has had the positive effect of scrutinous fact checking BEFORE a claim is made. They are all one witty tweet away from losing a chunk of their consumers.

I'm leery of using a term like 'publish' to describe the process of what I'm going to post. That word tends to establish a connotation of "Grammatical Correctness". Not my forte. I kinda just type how I talk, then edit heavily... If Drake's mom/grandma/psychiatrist can pretend to rattle off fire voicemails from the dome like she did on More Life, I can write and re-write each blog post with as many big ass words that I want.

GIF of Ediie Muphy saying GTFO.

If one thing is most true about what I plan on posting, it is that I want others to learn from my W's and my L's. I'll be writing about what I know. Photography, Software, Computers, Gadgets, and Dank Meme Curation, amongst other things.

As much as I'd like you to follow my blog, help boost my traffic and what not, I don't write for everyone... Don't get me wrong, when I post a tutorial or something blatantly subjective, I want as many eyes to see that as possible. But I write for myself mostly. I'm on a journey to expand my mind to it's limits, and building this website is my way of testing multiple outlets at a time.

The rest of the time, I am writing because I want to share an idea with those around me or that are looking for information on photography, web design, or social media marketing.

You may come across something you do not agree with. If you do, I beseech you to at the very least attempt this thought: maybe I don't like this post, but did I die though? If you're still alive after reading what I had to say, and you're still distraught after a deep breath, just drop me a nasty comment/email/tweet and tell me how you really feel.