Golf Event Photography

For those of you who really want to see my portfolio

Professional photo of park in Columbus Ohio
Professional photo of a tree in Columbus Ohio.


or $40 for a 30 minute session.

So below you will find I've got specials for the most common pictures that are requested (except weddings). Click book now, and the next page will get the ball rolling towards a booked session.

I created a digital guide (PDF) that will help make sure my clients and I aren't on two different planets when it comes to what a photoshoot entails. It also helps my clients think of what questions to ask me before we are "on location".

Professional photo of car's interior.

Last year is the last year you hire Stan to photograph your company's annual golf outing. Between hitting on the girls working the bar cart and sync flashing all the way through birdie putts, he manages to fire off few dozen (if that) photos that you are confident you could have taken on your cell phone.

Picture quality aside, the Gang only kinda looks like they are having a good time, but you vaguely remember holes 8-12, and you are pretty sure you had a blast. Where is that? Well, that will literally never happen if you hire me to shoot your next Golf outing. I will capture moments you and the ol' squad will remember 'til you can't remember!