Maternity / Newborn Photography

For those of you who really want to see my portfolio

Professional photo of park in Columbus Ohio
Professional photo of a baby shower in Columbus Ohio.


or $40 for a 30 minute session.

So below you will find I've got specials for the most common pictures that are requested (except weddings). Click book now, and the next page will get the ball rolling towards a booked session.

I created a digital guide (PDF) that will help make sure my clients and I aren't on two different planets when it comes to what a photoshoot entails. It also helps my clients think of what questions to ask me before we are "on location".

Professional photo of car's interior.

It is cliche to say, but life moves fast. Really fast! One moment your toddler is taking over the world one wobbly, uncoordinated step at a time; the next, they are walking, heads high, conquering the graduation stage. The is no better way to freeze your precious moments in time with those you cherish than a well crafted photograph.

I actually love doing shoots for new parents/expectant families: babies make people smile for real, far better than me yelling CHEEEEEESE!