Real Estate Photography Services

For those of you who really want to see my portfolio

Professional photo of park in Columbus Ohio
Professional photo of a tree in Columbus Ohio.


2,000sqft Max

So below you will find I've got specials for the most common pictures that are requested (except weddings). Click book now, and the next page will get the ball rolling towards a booked session.

I created a digital guide (PDF) that will help make sure my clients and I aren't on two different planets when it comes to what a photoshoot entails. It also helps my clients think of what questions to ask me before we are "on location".

Professional photo of car's interior.

'Picture Perfect' isn't always promised when Mother Nature is in play. Inclement weather can be a the downfall of a Real Estate photoshoot. Luckily for you, my workbench (laptop) is filled with the right tools to make even the 'greyest' skies 'blue'.

Exterior shots of your listing are a big deal! They might be the deciding factor on the next house a future lead might click/tap. Better Pictures > More Leads > More Sales!